Eugene Modern Dance offers Modern Dance Classes for the total beginner and those with experience. The classes are unique in that they are for adults ages 20-60 years. They are designed with a philosophy to "start where you are," and "continue to where you will be." They are not competitive, and offer a life-long journey for body and mind at any age. Class sizes are small, so each student gets individual attention and direction. They are uplifting, sustainable, healthy and safe, and their adaptability to individual needs makes them ideal for recovering from injury, trauma, or ongoing chronic conditions. These classes and workshops are for anyone who can see the benefits of moving the human body in a progressive, expressive and beautiful way.

The technique class for beginners and intermediate students offers a vigorous workout and places emphasis on personal improvement. There is a balance between stretching, strengthening, alignment, and coordination taught through a series of dance combinations that build gradually over time. It draws from Cunningham, Limon and Graham techniques. The studio has a sprung floor and is located in a peaceful forest setting.

Adult Choreography Class will be offered Sept.13 - Nov. 15 2009. Youth Choreography (11-16 yrs.) will be offered Oct. 4 - Dec. 6 2009. Please see "Current Class Schedule" for description and fee.

Peggy Soomil
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(541) 954-9733
5185 Nectar Way, Eugene OR 97405

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